Thursday, July 17, 2008

Btrfs and ZFS

This kind of irritates me

Umm, who that matters is complaining to Sun about not releasing ZFS as GPLv2? I can't think of anybody. Its probably just all the reiser4 like fanbois who don't know thing 1 about filesystems or kernel development in general. Sun is doing open source in their own way and thats cool, I think promoting an attitude of openness in any form is better than the way it used to be, even if the CDDL makes it so you can only use it on solaris.

Things on the btrfs front are moving ahead nicely. Ric is very supportive of me working on it so I've been able to go back to actively contributing to it again, which has been nice. Now that the orphan code and new dir format stuff is done I'm going to spend the next few weeks hammering on it to make sure its ready for his next release, and then its back to development. I like this way of doing things, makes sure everything is sound, which is important for a filesystem. I know I just test my particular area for the patch I'm working on to make sure it works when I send it off, so if there are any more complex interaction bugs I won't generally see them until after my patches are merged.

All in all glad to be back to actively contributing to btrfs, and now with a bunch more interest from the community the project as a whole will pick up some more speed and meet Chris's release timeline without problems.

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DJ N-4ceR said...

Today I read at news, that BTRFS will be integrated in the forthcoming linux kernels. I never heard about that, before. Now, I am curious about the ZFS - hoping it will not die.